Only a Social movement can change in social issues. That is why Apex India Foundation has taken this mission to build a strong society with actively encourage education, training, research and circulation of knowledge, To enhance the scientific, technical and practical aspects of safety at work place, environment protection, Human Resources etc. To encourage more contributions on such areas like Environment Protections, Pollution Control and other Safety Measurements, We proudly encourage Individuals & Corporates through organizing the Award Ceremony in area of Environment, Health & Safety, CSR, HR, Quality, Business Excellence, SME and MSME Awards.


Apex India Foundation creating a powerful platform to provide optimum resources to the vulnerable section of the society and contribute to increase the rapid growth in Indian economy. Apex India Foundation sees itself a leader in field of recognition and most reliable name known for contribution in building & supporting NEW INDIA.


We have pledged to include every single person in our foundation so that everybody can cherish the benefit of our activities, for these we are building a strong networking system where people from different field can come together and contribute in this noble idea to make it a reality.